2019/38 – Operation of the Winter Circus (concession for services)

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Sogent is looking for partners to manage and operate the Winter Circus complex. The partners and sogent will set up a company to this end.

The Winter Circus will become the most important meeting place in the city centre by 2022. A hub for tech, start-up and scale-up companies will be created around the central courtyard, which will be accessible to all and support the organisation of all kinds of activities. A 500-capacity rock hall is already located under the central arena. During the current, second stage of the renovation, work is underway to provide room for a café, restaurant, foyer and community spaces at the site.

To achieve all this, sogent is looking for partners who want to help in the finishing, implementation and operation of the Winter Circus as from the end of 2021. Within the scope of this design and operation assignment, sogent will set up a new legal entity, more in particular a Special Purpose Vehicle (or 'SPV').

The selection guidelines contains comprehensive information about the Winter Circus, our vision and ambitions for this project and the participation procedure.

Deadline for submitting requests to participate is Monday 16 March 2020 at 10 am.

You can download the selection guidelines here after registering once on this website.

Rebecca De Vos
09 269 69 73